Therapies I draw from

SYSTEMIC – Couples / Family therapy
Systemic therapy highlights patterns of behaviour between couples /families which result in negative and positive reactions. It then seeks to break unhelpful patterns by improving communication skills, replacing judgement with understanding, helping individuals understand the part they play and empowering partners or family how to work together to solve problems.

NPT maps step by step your cycle of thinking, feeling and behaviour given any situation enabling you to spot behaviours which keep you trapped in a negative cycle ending with difficult thoughts or feelings. Therapy gives you a safe space to explore and practice new behaviours which break the negative cycle.

Relational therapy seeks to change self- limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviours by helping you to develop a confident free- flowing relationship with your therapist. When we can express ourselves freely, we enjoy a sense of wellbeing, become resilient and avoid negative patterns of critical thinking, anxiety, depression, panic, OCD and poor self- image.

Psychodynamic therapy is a way of understanding how past relationships continue to unconsciously drive negative behavioural patterns and lead to problematic thoughts or feelings. Identifying them enables you to separate the past from the present and avoid difficulties.

Solution focused therapy uses people’s ideas and qualities to consider what life will be like having found a solution. Then helps them identify the challenges and take the steps needed to achieve their goals.

TA is a model which teaches you to see how your thoughts and feelings interact in ways which lead to behaviours which then lead you back to negative thoughts and feelings about yourself or others and also understand how these patterns started. In therapy you develop new ways which break the pattern, keeping personality traits you like. This also has the effect of improving communication and is used to help partners/ family avoid conversations breaking down.

Trauma therapy helps you learn how to regulate your bodies response to the memories of an event and integrate what happened into your life and current experiences. With this you can reduce and manage or eradicate symptoms.

The therapist provides conditions in which the client can feel safe to talk openly and with help explore more deeply. This increases the clients understanding of their difficulties and how to solve them without further guidance.

CBT helps clients become aware of how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact in problematic ways. It then helps develop strategies to challenge negative thoughts and break unhelpful behavioural patterns.

Gestalt therapy uses various creative techniques as a way of helping you learn to become aware of your deeper needs and emotions. As you begin to feel comfortable recognizing these you can safely explore and practice new ways to freely express yourself which meets those needs. By doing so you can keep yourself free from negative patterns of thinking, feeling, unhelpful behaviours, develop greater self-confidence and feel free to express yourself.