Individual Counselling

Therapy is a special kind of conversation that can help you feel back in control, find answers, heal and change, and can benefit you when what is troubling you: feels too much, has been going on too long or gets in the way of everyday life.

The aim is that you should be in therapy for no longer than absolutely necessary, not stay in it for the sake of it and you decide when it is a good time to stop..


My approach.   (A full list of symptoms/issues is further down the page)

Through my training I can draw from a comprehensive range of evidenced based therapies, psychology and the neurosciences and know how to help my clients even when they are unsure, and I will create an approach right for your needs and that you can engage with.

Also whilst no one approach fits all there are common areas of need which we all have, and therefore whilst focusing on why you came I also include a focus on these, as without enough of these it is difficult to achieve lasting change.

  • Your needs – Ability to identify and meet them.
  • Communication – Effective, confident, and compassionate. (yourself and others)
  • Thinking: Productive instead of critical
  • Control – Over feelings, powerful emotions and behaviours
  • Confidence – Self image, value, assertiveness, expression.

For those of you who would like more detail about the different therapies: click here.


What to expect

With all the guidance and support you need, we will make sense of your problems and look to build on your strengths, develop your resources ( inner and those around you) for resilience, as well as new ways and strategies which together will enable you to solve your current issues, and give you the ability to manage life’s future challenges and meet your own future needs.

We make the changes happen in the room, Also knowing people want nothing more than to feel better as quickly as possible I can help you with new transferable skills, tools and techniques which you can apply to yourself: To reduce symptoms, speed up therapy, and enable you to work on yourself to bed in your changes until they become a natural part of your personality.


Some of the symptoms and issues I regularly help my clients solve:

Feelings: Anxiety, Social anxiety, Depression (inc a complete loss), Deep sadness, Fear, Life’s pointless, Feeling flat, Shame, Guilt, Constant worry, Panic, Overwhelming  Anger.

Behaviour: Phobias, OCD,  Compulsions, Impulsive reactions, Procrastination, Over reactions/ Angry outburst or Having no limits or off- switch. .

Regulation:  When you struggle to manage stress, powerful emotions such as anger / grief, other feelings or life’s challenges.

Communication: The inability to express yourself confidently, freely, without fear and with compassion and able to be understood or with intimacy.

Poor self image: Lacking confidence, Shame, Not feeling good enough, Harsh inner critic, Self hatred, Irritation, Can’t see your values or feeling less than others, lacking assertiveness, lacking close relationships.

Problematic ways of coping: Avoiding others, Self harm, ( inc suicidal; thinking), Eating for comfort, Overworking, or too much of anything.

Direction and Purpose: Lacking meaning, relationships, purpose, fulfilment and direction in life.

Coming to terms with the past / change: Childhood, Events, Experiences, Relationships, Grief, Loss or Major change.


And advanced training to ensure safe help with::

Abuse: Physical, mental or emotional – including rape assault, suppression and control.

Trauma, PTS, PTSD or Complex PTSD : A trauma is the impact on you of what has happened or what you have witnessed and not determined by any type of particular event or situation. It can be a one off or multiple events, or come from living under constant stress for a prolonged period of time. The ongoing symptoms trigger what we call our “fight”, “flight”, “freeze or flop” responses which can leave us with all kinds of symptoms. I will help you work through the trauma and manage or eradicate symptoms.

BPD ( Borderline personality disorder) : Often characterised by intense and overwhelming feelings and with no ability to understand, separate or manage them resulting in impulsive and sometimes angry or controlling behaviours, or to self harm and despair at the time, . Or the turning in on yourself with “anger” resulting in no: trust, or confidence and a poor self image.

The goal is to build a strong identity, internal management system for your emotions and to break the fear of expressing yourself, whilst building a strong self image you like.