Costs and availability

Costs & Therapy options

I offer face to face or video link (Skype, Zoom or Face time) sessions.

Individual sessions (60 min): £70.
Couples/family (70min): £95.

Appointment times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00am – 8pm, Friday 8 – 12pm and Saturday 8:30 – 3pm.

Initial conversation or face to face meeting. ( Free of charge)

I offer a free initial phone, video link or better still face to face initial meeting (normally for around 30 minutes) during which we can discuss any aspect of your difficulties you wish. I will ask about what you want from counselling, explain  what counselling entails and answer all your questions  We can then decide if my help is a good fit for your needs, and in your own time you can decide if you think counselling will be helpful for you.

About Video link counselling ( an alternative if you don’t fancy face to face help)

This might not be your first thought when seeking help and it certainly isn’t right for everyone or all difficulties. It can though be equally effective, and offers flexibility, saves on travel and time, you are in the comfort of a place of your choice and for some they like the degree of separation it gives.