Experience & Training

Experience, Training and significant Professional development

I am a BACP registered therapist in counselling, psychotherapy and group therapy and also train less experienced therapists. I have more than a combined total of 16 years experience, My first 6 years were in primary care services with MIND, Cruise and The Counselling plus community in Sussex and also  running Police funded Anger management groups. The work for these was at the more extreme end of peoples issues and that is where I gained my experience and skills to help those with severe or longstanding difficulties.

  • BACP Approved Advanced academic Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy – The Wealden institute for Counselling and Forensic psychology
  • Couples institute (USA) – Developmental and Relationship therapy for couples therapy
  • UCL – (lead by Babette Rothschild) – Trauma and recovery ( inc pts, PTSD and Complex PTSD)
  • Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling – WPF ( UKAS approved)
  • Group facilitation and experiential learning ( Professor Paul Barber)

Therapies I am experienced with and trained in

  • Systemic (for couples and relationships)
  • Brain psychology
  • Science of Phenomenology
  • Bereavement
  • Complex Trauma and recovery, including PTS, PTSD and Complex PTSD.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis ( for individuals & relationships)
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Person Centred
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Negative Pattern Therapy
  • Solution focused Therapy
  • Relational Therapy
  • Integrative Therapy
  • Anger Managment
  • Group therapy
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Psycho social development
  • The neurosciences

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Professional Matters

  • I hold professional indemnity insurance
  • Abide by my professional bodies (BACP) code of ethics
  • Continue with learning and training
  • Never help beyond my area of competence

My story 

I became a counsellor because of my own experience in therapy which was an enormous period of change in ways I couldn’t have imagined or even understood before therapy. it was such a surprise to find out that my past continued to silently play a part in my difficulties, and had shaped my beliefs about myself, others and the wider world, and how this unconsciously linked my thoughts, feelings and behaviours in ways that lead to constant worry, being ashamed of my feelings, kept me feeling small compared to others and in some ways lacking empathy. and not realising my motivation for so much of what I did was to be accepted. It was through therapy I came to understand how I developed all these ways and automated ways of being and I was able to work through what I call unfinished business and find new ways to be.

Major changes were in the internal messages of “not being good enough” and thinking people would reject me if I was honest or judge me if I showed my feelings. I had spent years running from feelings not that I understood this. It was only when I accepted that there were no good or bad feelings as they were all part of who I was, and that feelings are a source of knowledge did I begin to get close to them and heal. As I began to express myself freely the ever present critical messages faded away as did my constant companions of being scared and anxious, and my life and all my relationships flourished.

I now bring all of me, my experiences and an understanding of how the past can silently continue to affect you today even when you cannot make any link to your problems, and an approach deeply rooted in psychological and therapeutic knowledge. No guess work.