I am Paul and a warm welcome - I offer face to face, video link, phone and walk and talk therapy.

If having reached this point you’re not sure about taking the next step I remember that feeling well. The idea of asking felt huge and to think about breaking down, being honest, and not knowing where to start was difficult. So, I know what it feels like when contacting a therapist and starting therapy, and how it may feel for you now.

Whilst I have much experienced I think having lived with and worked through my own difficulties in counselling makes a difference for my clients. Never forgetting I make going through counselling as easy as possible. Yes, it can be tough at times however it is also a positive and empowering experience as you begin to notice change and find the answers or healing you couldn’t find on your own.

I want counselling to be successful for you and so I combine my, know how with a  friendly and sensitive approach to create a warm and safe space in which we can work together whilst naturally building trust. In this way you can feel comfortable talking openly, and with me helping and guiding you through what is a very personal journey – There is nothing is too big or trivial to ask for help with.

In the following pages I have described how I work and what you can expect from your therapy. Have a look and if you are worried about yourself or your relationship and think what I offer could be right for you please feel free to contact me for an initial informal conversation.

How therapy can help you

A real opportunity to find those answers and make changes so you can have the life you want for yourself...

What to expect from therapy

A different kind of help to free you from what is often a hidden and exhausting day to day struggle...