I am Paul. A warm welcome to my counselling practice, Whole Psychology.

On the other pages, I have explained all about having counselling and how I can help. On this page, I have tried to give you a sense of who I am and what working together will be like.

I came into counselling following the help I needed in 2006, and whilst I have much experience, I think it is having battled with and worked through my own anxieties and difficulties in counselling that makes a difference. I remember feeling scared that I might break down, about being honest and unsure about counselling or where to start. So, I may have felt some of what you are feeling right now.

I want your counselling to be as equally successful as mine was. Never forgetting my own experience, you will receive the same care and commitment, with lots of support and guidance, that changed my life. I assure you that you won’t find it a sterile or clinical experience, in fact, I can’t think of anything worse than that for you.

Instead, you’ll find me very human, friendly and with a sense of humour. I have lots of patience that I combine with my know-how, and a sensitive approach to create an informal, warm, and relaxed space in which we can work together, whilst naturally building trust. I want you to be able to come to your sessions not worried about how you are feeling and knowing it’s OK to talk about anything, and comfortable with me helping you through what is your very personal journey.

Having counselling isn’t always easy, however, it is rewarding, healing, and empowering. Not only a place for support, independent guidance or to find answers. It can do so much more by giving you the knowledge, coping skills and understanding which enables you to leave feeling better, comfortable with yourself and others, and knowing how to make life work for you.

We all deserve a life which is more than just coping and getting by!

If you think what I offer might suit you, then please feel free to contact me for an initial informal conversation.

Individual counselling

A real opportunity, to do more than just cope or get by in life...

Couples therapy

An opportunity to have the kind of relationship you hoped for...