I am Paul. A warm welcome to my counselling practice, Whole Psychology

On the other pages, I have explained all about having counselling and how I can help. On this page, I have tried to give you a sense of who I am and what working together will be like.

You’ll find I’m patient and easy to talk to. Not because of my skills or training but for me counselling must be far more than a clinical process. Whilst my work is rooted in therapeutic knowledge and psychology which means no guess work, I understand you could be sharing what is deeply personal about yourself and your experiences and so I know, some of getting to the place you want isn’t always easy.

When I needed help, asking felt huge, and I was scared I might break down, about being honest and I was uncertain about counselling or even where to start. So, I know how you could be feeling now. As it was for those who helped me, I care deeply that your counselling is not only successful but equally how we go about it. Trust built on respect, compassion, sensitivity, a joint effort with me on your side, and me guiding and helping you through. My experience was so life changing I came into counselling. I know what is possible even when you have no idea where to start, and I am enthusiastic to share that with you.

You’ll also find I have a sense of humour, which got me through many a tough time, and in sessions you get all of me. A normal relationship and no formality, just lots of support and help for you to make the changes you want for yourself.

If you would like an initial conversation or meeting let me know. We can find out if my help is a good fit for your needs and if so, you are very likely to have the outcome from therapy you want. If I think other help is more suited for you, I will say as I don’t want either of us to be disappointed.

Individual counselling

A real opportunity, to do more than just cope or get by in life...

Couples therapy

It is never too late to have the kind of relationship you hoped for...