Counselling or In depth-therapy

Counselling for me is many things.  Sometimes it’s about coping strategies and supporting my clients through a tough time or loss, others want to change something about themselves, many are looking to be free of the past whilst some aren’t sure exactly what they need. They just know they struggle to feel settled or happy. There really is nothing too big, too little or too ingrained to ask for help with.

Whilst I have much experience I think what makes the difference is that I have lived with and worked through my own anxieties and difficulties in counselling and I know how the thought of talking to a therapist can be daunting.

Thinking back to when I first started counselling I can remember how vulnerable I felt about maybe breaking down, sharing what was in my head and also scared because I couldn’t see how to solve my problems. I also didn’t know what to expect or about counselling. So it could be I have some idea about how you could be feeling right now. Most of us do though struggle at times and having counselling is an opportunity to solve your difficulties and change your life for the better.

In counselling you will gain greater understanding of yourself and your difficulties and with help can make the positive changes needed to overcome them and changing any unhelpful negative patterns of thinking and behaviours learn how to keep well long term and be able to meet your own future needs.

I will also introduce you to new skills and techniques you can apply to yourself which strengthen resilience, deepen understanding and speed up meaningful change.

My time in counselling was life changing beyond what I could have imagined and like mine was, I want your experience to be positive. One where you can look forward to our sessions and firmly believe the greatest influence on how successful counselling will be for you is our counselling relationship. It is important you can feel comfortable talking about the more difficult parts of what is troubling you and confident in allowing me to guide you through what is a very personal experience.

Never forgetting I offer an encompassing supportive and relaxed environment and allow a trusting relationship to naturally build between us based on being open, warm, and genuine and by working together. You will also find I’m compassionate by nature about whatever you have to say and sensitive when working through what is difficult for you. So yes although counselling can be tough at times it is also empowering and freeing.

My aim for you and all my clients is to be able to leave feeling better and confident in knowing how to cope and no matter what has happened in the past to be able to shape a life which is more than just getting by. We all deserve that!

Getting in touch

Please feel free to contact me should you like to know more or arrange an initial no obligation meeting. I offer appointments Monday to Thursday from 9am to 8:30pm and on Friday from 4 to 6pm. I run my “Group For Change” on a Friday between 7:15 and 9:15pm.

Tel: 01883 345352
Mob: 07843 472163

Fees: £55 – 60 minutes.

Difficulties I regularly help with:

Feelings: Anger, Anxiety/social anxiety, Fear, Low mood, Depression, Panic, Guilt or Shame.
Negative thinking: Having paranoid or suicidal thoughts, never being good enough, need to be perfect or having constant conversations in your head.
Worrying Behaviours: Phobias, Upsets, over reactions, angry outbursts.
Abuse: Sexual, emotional or physical including rape.
Grief: A death, loss or a change that is tough to cope with or accept.
Confidence & Low self- esteem: When lacking self belief, think others have qualities you don’t or dislike yourself.
Conditions: Coping with Asperger’s or Bi Polar.
Unhealthy coping: OCD, compulsive behaviours, avoidance, addiction, self-harming or emotional eating/disorders.
Stress: Overwhelmed and functioning or focusing requires you to dig deep and is exhausting.
Childhood: When affected by your past or struggle to act and feel your age at times.
Image: Not happy with your looks or body.
Relationships: Struggling to attract and keep the relationships you want.
Trauma: Suffering from seeing or being involved with or having lived in traumatic situations including PTSD.
Who am I?: When you struggle to know who you are and are chameleon like or lack direction and purpose.

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