Counselling FAQ’s

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How do I know you run an ethical practice?

I am a Registered Member therapist with the BACP (British Association in Counselling and Psychotherapy). To become and remain a “Member” of the BACP means I have had to complete an accredited qualification in counselling and psychotherapy and continue to uphold: Their code of ethics, continue with professional learning, offer safe practice, maintain professional insurance and be able to demonstrate these.

What appointment times do you offer?

I can offer appointments from 9am to 8:30pm Monday to Thursday and from  9-11am on a Friday.

How do I know what I tell you remains confidential?

I adhere to client confidentiality and store information in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your details will never be given to any third party unless in exceptional circumstances such as when you may be at serious risk of immediate harm or in keeping with my professional obligations and which will never identify you. A qualified individual will hold your contact details in case I become incapacitated and cannot tell you.

Who is counselling for?

Therapy is many things. For when you are struggling to cope, find an answer, wish to change something about yourself or your life or for those who have psychological, emotional, personal or relationship difficulties. You do not have to have a problem to benefit from therapy as some people come to understand themselves better or develop an aspect of their qualities in which they lack confidence.

How will I know if what you offer is right for me?

I offer a no obligation initial session. This is an informal opportunity to meet me and for you to explore your needs and expectations and for me to tell you how I can help. You can then decide if you wish to continue and should I be unable to offer you what you need I will be happy to explain what other options you have.

Can I talk to you without arranging to meet you?

I am always willing to have an initial chat on the phone to answer any questions before you decide if you wish to meet.

What do I do if I am not happy with anything?

If at any time you are unhappy please just tell me. My response will always be to understand and help find a way forward that is right for you. In terms of your therapy, we have regular reviews to ensure you are benefiting from counselling.

Could your fees increase during counselling?

Whilst I review my fees yearly I never increase them without consultation and giving a minimum of two months’ notice.

Difficulties I regularly help with:

Feelings: Anger, Anxiety/social anxiety, Fear, Low mood, Depression, Panic, Guilt or Shame.
Negative thinking: Having paranoid or suicidal thoughts, never being good enough, need to be perfect or having constant conversations in your head.
Worrying Behaviours: Phobias, Upsets, over reactions, angry outbursts.
Abuse: Sexual, emotional or physical including rape.
Grief: A death, loss or a change that is tough to cope with or accept.
Confidence & Low self- esteem: When lacking self belief, think others have qualities you don’t or dislike yourself.
Conditions: Coping with Asperger’s or Bi Polar.
Unhealthy coping: OCD, compulsive behaviours, avoidance, addiction, self-harming or emotional eating/disorders.
Stress: Overwhelmed and functioning or focusing requires you to dig deep and is exhausting.
Childhood: When affected by your past or struggle to act and feel your age at times.
Image: Not happy with your looks or body.
Relationships: Struggling to attract and keep the relationships you want.
Trauma: Suffering from seeing or being involved with or having lived in traumatic situations including PTSD.
Who am I?: When you struggle to know who you are and are chameleon like or lack direction and purpose.

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