A “For Change” Group

I stepped into a “For Change” group not knowing how to be in the room and definitely scared to speak and of how I might feel. Four years later I was running groups. This was back in 2011 when I was counselling at a National counselling charity and since then in my own practice.

In my view a “group for change” is the fastest route to change in ways one to one counselling cannot match. Yes initially uncomfortable talking in front of others and after a while not only comforting being with those who had similar difficulties but a great source of support. It was the one place I knew I wouldn’t be judged, could say what I wanted and could get the help I needed to really change in the room.

There were also those days I didn’t want to talk and sat quietly, still able to learn from hearing others experiences. Other times it was all about me and with the support of my group and individual help I worked through my difficulties.

There was no being talked at, no theoretical learning or classroom style time and no pressure just respectful encouragement and the freedom to say no.

All learning about myself and change came from having a new experience. We talked, had group and individual exercises, learnt from others experiences and when ready and at my pace took up the offer to work through what came up for me, experimenting and cementing new ways of being.

This is what it is like being in one of my groups.

What do people come for?

People come for every kind of reason and some of the most common changes are:

  • To be free of Anxiety, social anxiety or depression.
  • To change a behavior. IE: Everything from Assertiveness to Angry reactions.
  • To learn how to communicate in ways that bring you closer to others.
  • For when they feel they don’t fit in and belong.
  • When fed up living behind a Mask.
  • To build inner confidence and rid yourself of low self-esteem.
  • Learn how to attract and build the relationships they want.
  • When they have a big “inner” critic and never feel you have done well enough.
  • To find a purpose and direction.
  • Support through a tough time.

What next

You don’t need any experience and if you would like to know more or think this could be right for you please feel free to contact me. We can meet face to face or talk over the phone and everyone who joins a group has a chance to meet me as I want to ensure this option is right for you.

Your Group will consist of up to 6 and run each Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:15pm at Banstead (SM7). This is 100 metres from Banstead High Street and 8 miles from Caterham.

The cost is between £28 and £40 a session based on what you can afford.

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